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A small Flock of birds in an ocean of opportunites

Who Are We

We are a PaaS Company providing the next generation Modular Platform for Buying and Selling with many Extra Services (Managing Clients, Managing Sales, Optimizing Sales, etc.). We are a Marketplace packed with features.

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What We Do

We provide solutions for Perfect Sales and Happy Clients as that are the main objectives of any seller. Other than that we also provide Product Genuine Usage (PGU) Solutions and Global Reach, Flexibility with Modules, etc.

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What You Get

Other than already discussed ones, you get a future ready Marketplace that is always ready to undergo changes in a way that helps our clients and also the clients of our clients. So you will enjoy the Simplicity and Ease of Selling and Buying.

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Clipped Code has got a lot of advancements to be done, even though it is the most Advanced Marketplace. We should never stop evolving. Also,
Happy Clients of our Clients makes our Client Happy.
Simple Formula: Happy Clients = Happy Us

Philosophy, Clipped Code


Modular Marketplace (PaaS)

Clipped Code is an Online Marketplace for Buying and Selling Software and Digital Assets. Clipped Code has many extensible features powered by the Installable Modules that users can add with just a click of a button. These Modules let Clipped Code stay ahead of features from the Competitors.

As everyone is moving towards Cloud Computing and hosting, they know the value of “pay only for what you use”. The Modular System follows the same approach. Only the Modules that are needed is what users will be charged for. There are also free modules that provide the basic features of the portal. They are manually Installable with just one click of a button.

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100% Tested

We Thoroughly check the products before approval.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal and also RuPay.

ONE Day Approvals

One Day Approvals for submitted products to be listed.

Customer Support

We will help you out to reach the developer to ease your support.

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